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A mother's joy

Parents want their children to do well in school and have a desire to help their children succeed, but after losing her husband to HIV/AIDS when she was 25 years old, Betty Amoit did not think she could ever afford to send her 2children to school. When Amoit then tested HIV positive, she had even less money to support her family because she needed to pay for her medical bills.

Amoit and her daugher Malvine in her early years as Plan-Sponsored child.

Amoit continually worried about her young children’s education until she met a Plan staff who was enrolling children in schools under the sponsorship programme. The programme provides scholastic materials and a partial scholarship for intelligent orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs), especially those who have lost one or both of their parents to HIV/AIDS. Plan specifically focuses on supporting girl children because they are disadvantaged and underrepresented in schools.

One of Amoit’s daughters, Malvine Andera, was enrolled in the sponsorship programme in 1999. She is currently a senior 6candidate pursuing HEG/Art at Trinity College Nabbingo, one of the best schools in Uganda.

Bright future

Malvine, now 17, has proven to be a bright girl with a clear vision for her future. “I have to struggle for better grades and join the university on government sponsorship,” she said.

She would eventually like to be a social worker.

Recent photo of Malvine and her mother.

Malvine also desires to support her mother as well as the many disadvantaged girls in her community. “There many disadvantaged women and girls like me who did not get this chance,” she said. “I have to do something positive for them,” she explained.

Both Malvine and her mother have expressed sincere gratitude for Plan’s support. I would like to “thank Plan for supporting me and my family,” Malvine said, “especially my former sponsor from the Netherlands, Mrs Vijn, who used to send me presents and scholastic materials.”

Amoit echoed her daughter’s sentiment, explaining that she is now “happy and relieved” that her children will have a quality education. “I had no hope for this,” she said. “Thanks to Plan Uganda for the support,” she added.

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