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drinkable water: a priorityPlan works with children, communities, civil society and governments to ensure that all children in Africa realise their rights. 

We invest in excess of US$250,000,000 annually in programmes and partnerships to improve children’s lives and well-being.

Our strategic framework for Africa provides 5 important directions:

  • surviving and developing
  • protecting and preventing
  • communicating and participating
  • learning and advocating
  • promoting good governance.

Child survival and developing

We strive for equal access to quality primary health care services, with a particular focus on reducing maternal and child mortality.

We also work to ensure youth-friendly sexual health services, and access to safe water and sanitation in communities. 

Plan promotes and facilitates quality education and early childhood care for all children, especially girls and the creation of self employment opportunities for youths. 

Protecting and preventing

Together with our partners, we aim at ensuring that children grow up in supportive and protective environments. Our work includes a range of activities including advocacy for child protection at national, district and community levels, awareness-raising activities to prevent all forms of child abuse,  and increasing household economic security through provision of microfinance and village savings and loan programmes.


Children’s right to participate is at the core of our work.  We make sure children participate at all the stages of the work we do and develop their capacity to analyse their situation and propose workable solutions. Our child and youth media work in Africa is key to making children’s opinions heard at all levels. Visit our child media website to learn more.

Learning and advocating

We research issues that prevent children from realising their rights and use the information to influence the development of child-friendly policies and programmes by government as well as non-governmental actors.

We develop the skills of young people and communities to advocate for their rights and influence decisions that affect their lives.

Good governance

Educating children about fair, responsible governance is a powerful tool to create future leaders. We support children and youth groups to organise and network and to fully participate in civil society. We also strengthen local civil society and government institutions to work for and with children and other marginalised groups.

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