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It's back to school! - Plan's work in education in West Africa

Original school in a village in Eastern Ghana before Plan provided them with a new one

Many schools across the region, like this one in Ghana are unsafe and irreparable

Around the world, children are getting ready to go back to school. In West Africa, many children do not have access to basic education, and those who do are often taught in schools that are unstable and run down.

Plan understands how important education is for children. To make schools safer for students and to encourage school enrolment, Plan has been working with educators around the region to improve infrastructure and programmes.

Building schools in Ghana

In Ghana, Plan has provided communities with new school buildings. In Kwabea Asasehene area, in the East of Ghana, Plan Ghana and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) handed over the keys to a new, fully-furnished classroom block to the Kwabea Asashene District Authority Basic School.

This new school comes as part of a project on which Plan Ghana, funded by KOICA are working on. The Project seeks to increase school enrolment and to improve upon the quality of education in the Kwabea Asasehene area.

Training for teachers and children in Liberia

In Liberia, Plan has not only been creating new schools, but training teachers too. Teachers now know how to recognise violence against children and how to use successful forms of discipline.

Plan has constructed 70 primary schools over the last 4 years in Liberia. Preschool health centres have been set up too for younger children, to encourage preschool education. Plan also provides furniture and learning materials for teachers and students and has been encouraging classes in media, ICT and health to provide children with skills they can go on to use after education.

Increasing school enrolment in Guinea

Girls attending classes in a school in Dosso, Niger

Plan works across West Africa to provide education to all children

Plan, in partnership with UNICEF has been working in the Télémélé area of Guinea to increase school enrolment and completion of primary school education.

Plan has also set up 20 preschool centres throughout Guinea, and trained 40 preschool teachers to encourage parents to enrol their children into preschool.

Funded by the World Bank, Plan has also built 391 new classrooms equipped with furniture and materials across Guinea, and set up 117 clean water wells with pumps to provide the schools and local communities with clean, drinkable water.

Plan’s work in education

Plan works across West Africa to provide basic education for children from a preschool age. Education is important for children not only to give them skills for the future, but to teach them of important issues such as children’s rights, gender discrimination and violence against children.