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Gabu Programme Unit

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A child of Gabu community benefiting from Plan supported National Vaccination campaign

Localisation: East of the country

Area: 9,150 sq km

Population: 205.608

Districts: 5

Communities: 549

Sponsored children: 13,939 as from Sept 2014

Number of communities: 138

The region of Gabu is located in the eastern part of Guinea-Bissau and has border with two neighboring countries: Guinea and Senegal. The population is about 205.608, composed of several ethnic groups (Fula, Mandinga, Balanta, Manjacos, Beafadas, sara-cules, Jakancas, Mansoancas, etc.

Plan has been working in Gabu since 2007, covering areas on quality inclusive education, Healthy start of Life and Protection including in emergency situations with the focus on the children and their families.

Programme highlights

The Right to Quality Inclusive Education

The focus of Plan International Guinea-Bissau’s Quality Inclusive Education programme in the fiscal year 2014 was to work with Directorate of Primary Education in Gabu regions to increase enrolment rates and improve quality of learning in primary school. Plan has worked with school management committees, community and public teachers, parents and Civil Society Organizations at the regional level.

Several initiatives, such as Pre-School and Primary School Construction / rehabilitation and equipment were implemented to increase access. To list a few:
  • provision of school supplies and pedagogic aid
  • training of school directors
  • pre-school and primary school teachers to improve the quality

The Right to a Healthy Start in Life

Plan International Guinea-Bissau health program aims at supporting governments efforts to reduce the mortality of children under 5 years of age by two thirds between as many preventable diseases continue affecting children, including malaria and diarrhea infections.

In 2014, Plan International Guinea-Bissau implemented several initiatives in the communities of Gabu by addressing some of the underline causes preventing children from realizing their right to health.

The interventions include:

  • Extensive community Awareness on health and Disease Prevention
  • Immunization and Vaccination supports
  • Training of Community Health Agents and Health Workers
  • Drilling of Boreholes and Water Wells
  • Child Nutrition
  • Community support to Health and Sanitation services

The Right to protection, including in emergencies

The programme of Right to protection, including in emergency situations aims to contribute to protect marginalized boys and girls in the communities of Gabu from violence, exploitation and neglect including in emergencies. In 2014, Plan International Guinea-Bissau continued to engage rights holders, especially the children and their families to claim their rights to protection even in emergencies and also duty bearers at local and central level to adequately respond to child protection issues including in emergencies.

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