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Gabu Programme Unit

water 180

Plan provides children with safe drinking water and raises community awareness on the importance of water.

Area: 9,150 sq km
Population: 214,250
Districts: 5
Communities: 138
Sponsored children: Around 6,000

Plan first started working in Gabu in 2006 as part of the Bafata Programme Unit. In 2009, Gabu was created as an individual programme unit and projects have been so successful that we hope to establish new offices to help more children realise their full potential.

The standard of living in Gabu is low. Agriculture provides what few jobs there are and the average monthly income per household is 155,000 CFA - 250,000 CFA (US$330–540).

Programme highlights

Mother and child health care

Plan provides training to medical staff, tackles malnutrition and distributes medical kits. We are also is in the process of establishing a project which will create a fully equipped mobile clinic in the area. This will distribute mosquito nets to children to help reduce the under-5 child mortality rate and help prevent malaria.

We will also be training key people in basic health procedures and will support the regional health management committees to improve care.

To address the shortage of qualified medical personnel, we will train community groups on how to deal with basic health issues such as cholera, malaria diagnosis and treatment, and antenatal care.

Quality basic education

Plan has trained teams on how to manage their community schools and distributed desks, chairs and tables. 

In Guinea-Bissau many families still do not send their girls to school, instead having them stay at home and work. So Plan campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of girls’ education and we also support the local government to help implement its education policies and practices.

Plan’s global Learn Without Fear campaign helps to further reduce violence in schools and provide a healthy learning environment in the area.

Safe drinking water and sanitation

Plan is running an ongoing project to build school latrines and raise community awareness on the importance of safe drinking water. We have also carried out campaigns on emergency safe sanitation and cholera prevention after an outbreak in the region.

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