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Cairo East Programme Unit

Area: 41.96 sq. km
Population: 609,820
District: Al Marg
Sponsored children: 3,382

Since 1997, Plan Egypt has been working in the Cairo East Programme Unit, which is located in Al Marg - one of the poorest districts of the Cairo governorate.

The majority of people depend on subsistence agriculture and live in poverty. Most young girls are forced into early marriage.

Our work is centered on empowering children and communities to ensure that their rights are realised. This is being done through social movements called Child Centered Community Development Associations.

Programme highlights

Disability and social inclusion

Plan Egypt helps children with disabilities by implementing community-based rehabilitation. We aim to reduce the percentage of marginalised children in Al Marg community and build their capacities along with adults by encouraging them to depend on themselves and helping them to participate in decisions affecting their lives.

Networking and partnership

We have been working in partnership and network with civil society in Al Marg - including governmental agencies such as the Department of Health, Ministry of Education and local boards.

Girls and women empowerment

Plan Egypt is assisting mothers to participate in programmes that support and promote women empowerment such as Village Savings and Loans Associations groups, which help them to save money, invest in their own businesses and meet the needs of their families.

Child and youth participation

We support children’s effective participation in all our programme activities to ensure that their voices are heard and they are empowered to be a productive force in the community.

Plan Egypt has formed youth groups and children’s parliaments in schools within the programme unit to ensure youth and children’s community participation.

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