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Plan continues to save lives from malaria in Cameroon

Cameroon bed nets 180

Plan aims to reach almost half the population of Cameroon with life-saving bed nets

20 December, 2011: In Cameroon malaria often takes the lives of the most vulnerable, especially children. Over the months to come, Plan and partners will be distributing more than 8.6 million long lasting insecticidal bed nets to families, one net for every 2 people.

Plan aims to have reached almost half of the population by the end of 2012. With over 2 million reported cases of malaria each year in Cameroon, it is one of the biggest causes of illness and can often lead to death.

In Africa, malaria is a leading cause of child mortality, and takes the life of a child every minute.  By sleeping under long lasting insecticidal nets, the chances of being bitten by a mosquito at night are greatly reduced, in turn reducing the spread of malaria.  It’s estimated that when 80% of people sleep under a net, the entire community is protected.

Plan in action

Distribution began in the ten worst affected regions of Cameroon, particularly in the North, in November this year.

This month, Plan is reaching out to the village of Mankanikong in the North West region and Tcholliré in the North, distributing bed nets there and encouraging families to have possible symptoms of malaria checked out at health clinics.

By setting up bed net distribution points at health centres and encouraging families to get more information about how to protect themselves and their children, Plan is playing a crucial role in the fight against this preventable disease.

Already, in partnership with The Global Fund, Plan and the Ministry of Health have distributed over 5 million long lasting insecticidal bed nets to communities across Cameroon.

“With these bed nets, I am sure my family will no longer suffer from malaria”, said one woman after receiving her net from the Ngaoundéré urban health centre.

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