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Bohicon Programme Unit

Bohicon Department

Plan provides support groups for those living with HIV and Aids

Plan also provides support groups for people living with HIV and Aids

Area: 19,174 sq. km
Population: 1 150 877 (2002)
Communities: 720
Sponsored children: 1,500

Plan has been working in Bohicon since 2010 to improve the lives of children and their families in the area.

Bohicon is located in central Benin and the majority of people live on agriculture (58%), trade (29%), or other occupations in primary industries such as cotton, oil and sugar. Plan is working in partnership with local government and non-governmental organisations and is in the first phases of launching a child sponsorship programme.

Programme highlights

HIV prevention

Plan is one of 3 principal recipients of the Global Fund grant for work with HIV and AIDS and our main objectives are to:

  • reduce the risk of HIV transmission -  mainly in women and high risk groups by intensifying prevention programmes
  • reduce AIDS related deaths by supporting people living with HIV and their families, including nutritional, psychosocial, legal and socio-economic support
  • improve the national response by strengthening the health system and improving management, monitoring and evaluation.

Community nutrition

Plan’s community nutrition project, funded in partnership with the World Bank, is working to improve the nutritional status of 16,800 young children in poor rural areas where malnutrition rates are high. Project workers provide nutrition services such as health clinics to combat malnutrition, regular weighing of babies and discussions with mothers on how to keep their children nourished; to communities targeting 72,000 mothers and 24,000 grandmothers.