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Lindorff logoIn many countries ‘give me 5’ means a slapping of hands between friends. In Senegal where 1 out of 10 children never live to see their fifth birthday, GIVE ME 5 is a symbol of commitment between Lindorff and Plan to work together to protect vulnerable children in the first 5 years of life.

The causes of Senegal’s high level of infant mortality (it is ranked 157th out of 224 countries) are complicated. To successfully tackle the problem requires working closely with children, their parents and communities.

Saving children's lives

GIVE ME 5 is part of Plan’s early childhood care and development programmes and works in 2 districts in Senegal; Saint Louis and Louga in 234 villages. More than 40 people have been trained to work with children and their parents to improve child survival practices.

This has paid off and in the areas where Plan works 70% of children are vaccinated while the national average is only 45%.

Besides providing medicines, food and equipment GIVE ME 5 invests in people and has established more than 20 learning centres for children and formed 50 support groups for children and their parents.

Thousands benefit

Today more than 5,000 children are participating in Plan’s GIVE ME 5 health programmes, a product of Lindorff's generous support of more than 150,000 euros and Plan’s close coordination with parents and local health authorities in over 200 villages.

The project will continue to improve vulnerable children’s chances of survival until its completion in 2013.

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