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Learn Without Fear: Third Progress Report

Third campaign progress report

March 2012 – The report highlights achievements that protect 485 million children from violence and bullying in schools, while underpinning the importance of continued work at government and community levels.

Learn Without Fear Progress Report

Learn Without Fear Progress Report

October 2010 - The Campaign Progress Report details the great results which have been achieved in just 2 years in the 44 countries where the LWF campaign is currently running.

Stopping violence in school can help to achieve universal primary education

Stopping violence in schools can help to achieve universal primary education

September 2010 – Universal primary education can still be achieved if practical measures are taken quickly such as stopping violence in school.

Learn Without Fear global campaign report

Learn Without Fear global campaign report

October 2008 - Plan's global report on violence against children in schools - covering corporal punishment, sexual violence and bullying.

Everyone benefits from reducing violence in schools

Everyone can play their part in reducing school violence

Research shows corporal punishment can cause children to feel suicidal

Children have the right to be safe at school

90 countries legally permit corporal punishment in schools

No country is immune from violence in schools

Violence in schools happens everywhere, every day

Violence in schools has devastating long-term consequences

All violence in schools is preventable

In Zambia one-third of 13-15 year-olds have been raped

Children who suffer family violence are more likely to be bullies

When the school year started, my father refused to provide my school dues. Since I did not have textbooks, I was beaten in front of others and driven away from school for one week. I was very ashamed and thought of leaving school.

Girl, 10 years old, Cameroon