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This page contains practical guidance for the disabled on how to navigate this site.

Access keys

If you use a keyboard to navigate web sites there are access keys that you can use as shortcuts. We have provided the access keys in the government standard and added a few extra for this web site.

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Using Internet Explorer in Windows

To use access keys in Internet Explorer 5+ press Alt + Access Key then release both keys and press Enter, e.g. Alt + 1 then Enter to go to the home page.

In earlier versions of Internet Explorer press Alt + Access Key.

Firefox 2

To use access keys in Firefox 2 you will need to press Shift + Alt + Access Key, e.g. Shift + Alt + 1 to go to the home page.

On a Macintosh

To use access keys on Macintosh press Ctrl + Access Key, e.g. Ctrl + 1 to go to the home page.


To use access keys in Opera press Shift + Escape then release both keys and press the Access Key, e.g. Shift + Escape then 1 to go to the home page

Everyone benefits from reducing violence in schools

Everyone can play their part in reducing school violence

Research shows corporal punishment can cause children to feel suicidal

Children have the right to be safe at school

90 countries legally permit corporal punishment in schools

No country is immune from violence in schools

Violence in schools happens everywhere, every day

Violence in schools has devastating long-term consequences

All violence in schools is preventable

In Zambia one-third of 13-15 year-olds have been raped

Children who suffer family violence are more likely to be bullies

Friends like to make fun of me or look down on me. I feel that this is a form of violence without them hurting me physically. Teachers sometimes do the same thing and blame me in front of other children. I was humiliated.

Child, Thailand