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Learn Without Fear

Learn Without Fear: Three years on

Three years after the launch of Plan’s global campaign against violence in schools, new laws and policies are in place to protect 485 million children from corporal punishment, sexual violence and bullying.

In its third progress report on the Learn Without Fear campaign, Plan underlines how violence in schools remains widespread   More >>

Our teachers should be there to teach us and not to touch us where we don't want or to solicit love favours from us girls. We are irritated by love advances from teachers. I feel like disappearing from the world if a person who is supposed to protect me instead destroys me.

Girl, 15 years old, Uganda

Our school principal punishes us very hard. She makes us go down on our knees over small stones or bottle screw tops for over 20 minutes and also she often pulls our ears.

Girl, 8 years old, Paraguay

When the school year started, my father refused to provide my school dues. Since I did not have textbooks, I was beaten in front of others and driven away from school for one week. I was very ashamed and thought of leaving school.

Girl, 10 years old, Cameroon

Friends like to make fun of me or look down on me. I feel that this is a form of violence without them hurting me physically. Teachers sometimes do the same thing and blame me in front of other children. I was humiliated.

Child, Thailand


Teachers play a critical part in stopping violence against children and are key allies in this campaign.

Stop Violence in Schools

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