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World Malaria Day: Act now to save millions

Mother and child with bed net, Burkina Faso

A family with a bed net - one of millions distributed by Plan in partnership with the Global Fund

25 April 2012: This World Malaria Day Plan is calling for more investment to fight the disease, which globally kills a child every minute of every day.

Although malaria deaths have been cut by a third in the last decade, millions of children are still at risk.

Plan West Africa’s Regional Director Adama Coulibaly said: “Over 90% of all deaths from malaria are in Africa. Just by scaling up efforts to prevent the disease, including universal coverage of mosquito nets, we will save the lives of an estimated 3 million African children by 2015.”

Millions of bed nets distributed

Malaria is a preventable disease that is spread through bites from infected mosquitoes. The most severe form of malaria - cerebral malaria - causes convulsions, coma and death in 93% of children affected.

Malaria facts

  • Half the world’s population is at risk of malaria
  • 90% of all deaths from malaria are in Africa
  • 216 million malaria cases were reported in 2010*

In partnership with the Global Fund, Plan is currently distributing millions of anti-malaria bed nets across West Africa – as well as raising awareness of malaria prevention and treatment.

Over 5 million bed nets have already been distributed to communities across Cameroon. Plan aims to reach almost half of the country’s population in total this year.

In Burkina Faso, Plan has supported the distribution of 7.6 million long-lasting, insecticide-impregnated bed nets across the country, a ratio of one net for every 2 people.

In Liberia, Plan is working to scale up prompt and effective treatment with Artemisinin-based Combine Therapy (ACTs) to at least 80% of all those with malaria.

Play our mosquito game

Mosquito Masher online gameTo mark World Malaria Day, Plan Canada has launched an online Mosquito Masher game, where you get the chance to squash infected bugs and raise funds for our life-saving work.

For every 10,000 points earned by a player, Plan Canada and its partner Spread the Net will donate an insecticide-treated, mosquito-repellent, anti-malaria bed net to an African family.

Play Mosquito Masher and share with your friends.

Learn more about Plan’s partnership with the Global Fund to tackle malaria.

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* Facts from WHO. Plan is not responsible for the content on external websites.