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Inside Mentao refugee camp

19 June 2012: See what life is like in Mentao refugee camp in Burkina Faso by viewing this slideshow, narrated by Plan's head of disaster preparedness and response Dr Unni Krishnan.

The camp is home to thousands of people who have fled violence in neighbouring Mali and now find themselves hit by the West Africa food crisis, which threatens 18 million people across the Sahel region.

Plan has made child protection its priority here - running education and emotional first aid projects, and building 34 out of a planned 50 latrines to improve sanitation levels within the camp. A 'summer school' will also be set up to help children catch up on their studies.

Emergency response

The work is part of Plan's emergency West Africa food crisis reponse, which is providing vital aid and support to vulnerable children and adults across Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali, Cameroon, Senegal.

"This region, Sahel in west africa, is going through perhaps the worst food crisis in living memory," says Dr Krishnan.

"We are stretched to our limits. The world needs to step up their support for the crisis that's unfolding here."

Read more on the crisis and donate to the West Africa food crisis appeal today.